By Eleni Elefterias Kostakidis

Local Sydney author Scientia Professor of Neuroscience George Paxinos, who had his first novel published in Greek, has recently been nominated for a Public Book Award in Greece. George was born on the island of Ithaki and came to Australia as a young boy. Though he has written countless academic research books and articles, this is the first time he has delved into fiction. However, he has used all his knowledge and research skills, as a leading neuroscientist and environmentalist, to produce a book that not only stands out but also challenges the reader.

In thimage001e short period since it was published, in December 2015, it has become a best seller both in Greece and here in Australia.

Based on 10 years of research and writing, it is a novel of multilayers that cannot be defined in one category. It is literary, it is dramatic, it is mysterious and adventurous and it explores the inner most thoughts and functions of the human brain and feelings such as love, forgiveness and the concept of freedom.

The story is about twins who are separated at birth, one growing up in Sydney and the other in Argentina. Throughout the book the reader travels to various countries around the globe. The book takes you on a universal dimension while all the time keeping the reader in suspense.

We learn a lot about the human condition, about science and the world around us, as the characters travel from one place to the other. The book tackles a number of very intellectual human and environmental issues, which is why it cannot be defined as one type of fictional novel as many of the issues are real. In some instances, the characters are based on real people.

The book was originally written in English and translated by Dimitris Tanoudis and Anda Kasapaki. The English version is coming out soon.

If you would like to purchase the Greek version or express your interest in the English version then go to

Eleni Elefterias Kostakidis

Eleni Elefterias Kostakidis is Associate Lecturer in Modern Greek at University of Sydney, a coordinator for Vault performance Space and owner of the Greek Bilingual Bookshop. Eleni is also GCT’s book reviewer.

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