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Mykonos had been calling my name for a few years. The idea of living and landing a job on the island for a season (April-October) had been put in my head whilst holidaying there, by someone who was working on the island.

We all occasionally have that dream, especially when we go on a holiday – you know the one- of packing up your life and moving to that beautiful place you felt so alive in. Then you quickly bury the idea when you go back to work and to reality - it’s frivolous, right?

Doubt buries it completely. And I put it out of my head for three years.

At the time I had been working for a leading newspaper in my hometown of Sydney, Australia. From a young age, career was my sole focus- being a journalist was my dream. As if I’d leave my secure job at the Telegraph to go to Mykonos and work in a club, right?

My parents were not going to like that- not one bit.

But the Sirens were too loud, their song blaring in my head. So I decided to do it in 2008 – leave it all behind for this strong “feeling” I had in my gut.

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Image by Anna Tsalougiannis

When I moved there, I got really lucky with a job at Astra- the most exclusive club in Mykonos; I was the only Greek-Australian to have been granted access to this glamorous world – and you seriously couldn't ask for a better introduction to the Myconian scene - anyone who is 'anyone' will pass through this famous venue.

That was a big thing for a girl like me- here I was from the suburbs of Bexley North, to “Oh my God, that’s Giorgio Armani walking through the door”.

Previously, it had been all about my career and I had never image 3 (2)really done anything just for the fun of it. Then there I was – in the coolest and most glamorous of adult playgrounds- pinching myself.

But hey Mykonos is not all about partying- especially if you live here. It’s more like the TV show Cheers, where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. Walking through the Chora (town) you are greeted by most locals. And that’s a nice feeling- to be accepted as one of their own.

Seeing the young ones grow up into young adults over the years and watching new ventures flourish with success. You become part of this wonderful, colourful community. Having lived in big cities like Sydney and Athens, the village- like vibe you get here is very cathartic.

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Image by Anna Tsalougiannis

These days, I’m combining the knowledge and contacts I have accumulated in Mykonos over the years to showcase the amazing island through my role as a VIP Concierge host. As well as producing a (just launched) blog about the island and her people, called The Oracle Mykonos – an insight to this magical, mystical island with some fun, behind the scenes stories.

Mykonos has given me some of the most amazing experiences - beyond even my crazy imagination and I can now share a side that most do not have access to – the insider’s guide to Mykonos. Not your usual travel guide. The Oracle is much more personal and during summer it will be designed to give you major FOMO- so start booking and I hope to see you there this summer.

Images by Anna Tsalougiannis
Images by Anna Tsalougiannis


  • Had a drink at Queen Bar, with the best cocktails and place to people watch.
  • Eaten lamb cutlets at Limnios Taverna, Agios Stefanos.
  • Tasted I Scream gelato by the windmills – hands down the best flavour is Pistachio.
  • Smashed some Raki (Cretan spirit) shots with the locals at Balothies Tavern, Ornos.
  • Eaten a tiropita from Pappou’s Fourno in Mykonos town, which opens from about 4am.
  • Grabbed a yeeros with tzatziki at 6am – anywhere but not from Jimmy’s please.
  • Taken a coastal walk from Platis Gialos to Paraga Beach, through to Paradise Beach.
  • Jumped off the rocks at Capari Beach and into the turquoise ocean, or at least watched a sunset from there.
  • Taken the time to go for a stroll and get lost in the back streets of Mykonos town.
  • Spent a lazy day and lunched at Alemagu at Ftelia Beach, Fokos Taverna at Fokos beach or Agios Sostis beach.

* Front page image also courtesy of Anna Tsalougiannis

Dora Tsavdaridis

Dora Tsavdaridis gave up her life as a journalist in Sydney, Australia for Mykonos, Greece in 2008 and says it was the best thing she ever did. Working in some of the island’s most exclusive establishments has given her a wealth of knowledge and contacts in all things to do with and in Mykonos. She has now become an exclusive VIP Concierge host and will also be sharing all her local Mykonian tips on GCT.

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