Theatre in Greece, as we Speak

Theatre in Greece, as we Speak 1

The Greek artistic scene is in a bloom; irrespective of the time of year one visits, or reason they are there, they will certainly find a stage offering production to satisfy their taste.

Varying from major productions to bar theatre and from musicals to ancient drama, the theatrical scene is driven both by strong tradition and the energy of young and creative Greek directors and actors.

And while we are on the subject let’s not avoid to throw some blessings on our home; as ancient Greek drama and comedy provided the setting and format for modern day theatre, which is by far one of the artistic cornerstones of western civilisation.

Here is a closer look at a few of Greece’s best-

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

If you belong to the hard-core theatre club- then the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus is something that should be on the “to-do” list. Being part of an audience of this architectural marvel, where one can hear every sound coming from the stage, as back in 350 BC there were no microphones. At the same time, its design and construction material hinders low pitch noises coming from the audience.

While Epidaurus was a sanctuary devoted to Asclepios, the God of medicine, in modern day it’s a sanctuary of the theatrical community being a major milestone to establish actors and directors.

During August, one can naturally expect classic and contemTHEATRE of DIONYSUSporary plays, of both Greek and international origin that along with the setting and energy of this landmark do craft for a fascinating time travel.

Theatre of Dionysus

The theatre of Dionysus lies at the foot of the Acropolis and it is believed to be the most ancient in the world. Dedicated to Dionysus, it is- supposedly- the birthplace of the Greek tragedy, since it hosted ‘Dionysia’, the biggest theatrical celebration of Athens.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This spectacular theatre was built by Herodes Atticus, in memory of his wife and is located in the southern slope of the Parthenon. Its prime destination was mainly for musical events. VeryTHE ODEON HERODES well-known artists have performed here and nowadays, it hosts theatrical performances under the auspices of the Athenian and Epidaurus Festival.

Pallas Theatre

It was built in 1932 and the wealthy people of Athens were thrilled with its arrival. Its construction started in 1928 in order for public services to be settled. Eventually, the building evolved into the biggest-even today- group of offices and stores in the centre of Athens. Nowadays, it hosts important productions and it is considered to be one of the few theatre halls in Greece that meet European standards.
The Theatre in Neos Kosmos

Its story begins in 1995, by the initiation of Evangelos Theodoropoulos, actor and director. He establishes the ‘New Art Scene’ and two years later, the new-established company gets to have its own permanent theatre hall- an empty warehoTHEATRO NEOS KOSMOSuse. Later on, it becomes an operating theatre with three stages, the current Theatre in Neos Kosmos, where one can find performances more ‘experimental’.

The above are just a few of the worth mentioning theatres of Greece. The list is endless but we are sure that you got a taste that leaves you wanting more.

Maria Petropoulou


Maria Petropoulou is a Greek journalist currently working in a leading Greek news site. She loves culture, travelling and writing and she has combined all these in order to create her own key to happiness. She was born in Athens, studied there and continued with a Master’s degree in UK. London. She also owns the travel blog My Landing Runway, where you can find all her travel stories and wanderings. Now she begins her trip with GCT as our European cultural correspondent; she would like to welcome you all on board.