Muslims promised mosque in Greece

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With the end of Ramadan, the holy month for adherents of Islam, there are renewed calls for a mosque to be built in Athens to service the religious needs of the estimated 20,000 Muslims living there.

Amnesty International and other groups within Europe have criticised successive Greek governments for not allowing for the construction of a mosque in Athens, one of the few European capitals not to have one.

In response to the growing demands and critical voices, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras promised that he will build the city's first mosque along with the first Muslim cemetery.

The construction of a mosque in the middle of Athens has been a contentious issue, understandably so given the history between Greece and its former Ottoman occupiers, hence most resistance coming from institutions such as the church and many nationalist groups.

Currently most Muslims living in Athens perform their religious duties in makeshift mosques set up in garages or abandoned warehouses.

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  1. Seriously?????????
    What the hell for???????
    To appease who??????
    Our ancestors did NOT fight for, sacrifice, and struggle for this.
    Will never accept this, how dare this man even suggest such a thing.
    Am still shaking my head. The pride, the ethnicity and everything that Greeks and Greece stands for will not and should not allow this.

  2. If Greece is that foolish to think that this is all they want believe me this is just the start of what many more things they will demand in a foreign country.They will try in a way take control and have you change to suit them..

    God forgive me but i sense something much more than just a Mosque, I’m afraid they would cause a huge uproar and create problems.

    Think about this and think straight!!!

  3. 400 year to get the muslim out!

    How could any Greek allow this.

    Our ancestors put their lifes down for this generation to live freely without muslim.

    This is insanity to allow this.

    Pray Greeks will stop this