Greece & World on standby as military coup takes place in Turkey

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A military coup currently underway in Turkey is being closely monitored by the international community as a section of the army claims to have taken countrol of the country in order to bring about a 'new constitution, restore freedoms and human rights'.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been informed by the head of the Greek secret services Yiannis Roubatis about the attempted military coup in Turkey.

According to reports, Tsipras has advised all political parties and contacted Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff (GEETHA) chief Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, Government officials said they were closely monitoring developments in Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that a group within Turkey "Had illegally undertook an illegal action outside of the chain of command. The government elected by the people remains in charge. This government will only go when the people say so."

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Turkish President Recep Erdogan has appealed through a mobile phone to the people of Turkey to defy the military coup and take to the streets in protest.
Meanwhile the military group responsible has reassured that all international agreements will remain in place and respected.

Erdogan was reportedly overseas on holiday at the time of the coup and his whereabouts remain unknown, with some rumours suggesting he was seeking asylum in Germany, whilst others said his plane was denied landing rights in Turkey.

The situation made more difficult by the fact that state media has been taken over by the army.

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