Gorgeous designs for Little ones

By Penny Zalalas

*Baby Legging Co’s Stacey, Pamela & their boys

Some very talented Greek mums from Sydney, along with their gorgeous kids are making a huge fashion statement by launching adorable ranges of childrens’ designs that are being worn and loved by little ones worldwide.

Baby Legging Co

This boutique company was established by two Sydney sisters Stacey and Pamela, who share a love for baby fashion items.

Stacey’s sons Christian and Isaac together with Pamela’s boys Zachary and Luca are the inspiration behind everything the girls create.

Baby Legging Co specialise in certified organic fabrics, which are used throughout the range, including their precious drop crotch leggings, jumpers, swaddles, headbands and newborn beanies.

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Over the last couple of years, Baby Legging Co has had an overwhelming response and a long waiting list for some of their most popular pieces.

“After having our boys 11 weeks apart, we quickly realised there was a lack of options in the market for comfortable and trendy leggings. We decided to order some organic fabric and started having fun making leggings for them. The feedback from our friends and family inspired us to launch an Instagram page. The response was and still is amazing and that’s how it all began,” says Stacey.

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“We wanted something comfortable yet stylish and most of all cosy for all day and nap time too. Leggings are a great addition to any outfit and this was the basis of our idea,” she adds.

The girls love fashion and dressing up their 4 boys by mixing and matching their comfortable items, which feature a twist of classic and contemporary patterns.

“We have a signature range that is here to stay and we constantly update with limited edition prints. All of our prints are available in swaddles, top knot beanies, leggings and knotted headbands.”


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Chloe Chrisanthi

Chloe Chrisanthi is a fresh and exciting Australian girls’ clothing brand offering a beautiful collection of pieces that are timeless and pretty.

Young Chloe Chrisanthi and her mother Angelique, are behind this beautiful label and their aim is to offer a charming range of girls’ designs that are elegant and contemporary, while still celebrating the beauty of being young and playful.

“I loved art from a young age and I was always very interested in both fashion and design. Coincidently Chloe also shares my enthusiasm of design and fashion and from a little girl she loved dressing up. It was quite an organic process as for years Chloe has mentioned she would like to become a fashion designer,” says Angelique.

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“What prompted us was the many occasions where we were out shopping and became frustrated as we couldn’t find items that were entirely appropriate for Chloe and I didn’t want her looking older than her actual age. So we started chatting about designing our own range and with the encouragement of a good friend, we decided to launch Chloe Chrisanthi. This really is Chloe’s dream and I’m helping her as much as I can along the way.”

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All of the clothes are carefully handmade in Australia, using the finest materials, incorporating Liberty London fabrics with linen, natural fibres and cashmere. The range includes dresses, linen t-shirts and cashmere cardigans.

“Chloe is very involved in the process, she chooses the styles and prints and then she also spends time naming them after her friends and cousins,” says Angelique.


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Petit Parisians

Petit Parisians is founded by Irene Manacos, who first opened an online kids’ boutique store in 2012- stocking the finest pieces from some of the best designers throughout Europe.

The demand for high-end childrens wear that was also affordable soon became apparent and with a background in design, Irene decided to launch the Petit Parisians Couture Collection- sourcing luxurious fabrics from Europe and producing the pieces in Sydney, Australia.

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“I launched Petit Parisians Couture in the Spring of 2015, founded on a belief that true luxury is dependent on genuine materials and sincere craftsmanship,” says Irene.

“Our designs are a symbol of elegance and old world charm with a strong emphasis on ethical boutique production based in Sydney from the finest European fabrics.”

With a range of high quality formal wear for both boys and girls aged 4 to 14, the label is receiving a lot of media attention with some of their stunning items having already appeared in British Vogue, Glamour magazine and will also be featured next month in Harrods’ mainstream publication.

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Petit Parisians is available online and is also stocked in selected high end boutiques around the globe.


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This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.

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