Vergina opens doors to new Museum

Vergina opens doors to new Museum 1
Vergina opens doors to new Museum

After further EU funding approval for an estimated 4.5 million euros, Vergina is expected to open its doors to a new museum in 2017.

The new museum will be opening under the pronouncement, “Aigai: The first city of the Macedonians, from Hercules to Alexander the Great – In Memory of Aigai” and will be housing findings from Aigai , the first capital of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, where in 336 BC Philip II was assassinated and Alexander the Great was proclaimed king.


The new museum will include indoor and outdoor areas, patios, an amphitheatre, a multipurpose space, training and scientific departments, maintenance sections, public service areas and administration offices.

Aigai is considered an exceptional testimony to a significant development in European civilization, at the transition from classical city-state to the imperial structure of the Hellenistic and Roman periods and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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