Greek anarchists vandalise Turkish embassy in Athens



A group of people from the self-proclaimed anarchist group Ruvikona marched to the Turkish embassy where they threw red paint on its façade and walls.

The group was chanting solidarity towards the Turkish people with an online statement declaring that although they were against the military coup of July 15 they were also against the Turkish government which appears to have used the coup as an excuse to purge all institutions from Erdogan’s opponents.

Greek police made no arrests as the group quickly fled.

These protests come at a volatile time for Greek Turkish relations over Cyprus and more recently over the asylum application of eight Turkish military officers which Turkey is demanding Greece return immediately.

According to their lawyer, the Turkish military officers have been given more time to press their asylum claims, adding that the men “fear for their lives” if they were to be returned to Turkey.

“Given the very volatile situation in Turkey the eight soldiers wish to wait and better prepare [their case],” said their lawyer Vassilis Terzidis.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.