Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is travelling today Friday, to Paros island to attend the opening ceremony of the new airport.

Attending the ceremony with the Prime Minister are the Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Minister Christos Spirtzis and Aegean Airlines Board Vice Chairman Eftichios Vassilakis.

Construction of the airport began in 2012, in the Mangano area, and will have a 1,400-metre-long runway and will offer full services of domestic flights from Athens and from airports on other Greek islands.

The new airport will offer a welcome boost to the local economy given its increased capacity for flights, demands which the old smaller airport near Alyki on the south side of the island, could not meet.

It has been reported that the 1,400 metre long runway can only cater to domestic flights and not capable of accommodating large jet liners which require a minimum 2,000 metre runaway for take-off and landing.

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