Greek eatery ‘The Apollo’ named 7th best restaurant in the world

Greek eatery 'The Apollo' named 7th best restaurant in the world 1

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Sydney’s Greek eatery ‘The Apollo’ has been named 7th best restaurant in the world by global lifestyle website The Monocle and has also been praised for its authentic Greek food.

The Monocle is a leading global publishing house based in London and this is their second Restaurant awards held worldwide.

“The restaurants that normally win awards are obsessed with foam and dry ice but a great restaurant needs none of that. The winners of The Monocle Restaurant Awards are the ones that we find ourselves coming back to for their dishes, great chefs, old-school staff, lively manners and perfect dining rooms. All food here is guaranteed craze-free.”

On awarding ‘The Apollo’ seventh spot, they stated-

“Restaurants able to survive Sydney’s faddy food scene deserve credit and Apollo’s divine Greek food is the key to its immortal status. It opened in 2012 but feels like it’s been here longer. Curvy Thonet chairs come courtesy of designer George Livissianis but take it all in while you order; you’ll lose focus as soon as the roasted lamb with greek yoghurt and lemon arrives.”

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Top 10 winners

  1. Cignale Enoteca, Tokyo
  2. The River Cafe, London
  3. Beard, Tokyo
  4. Dinings, London
  5. Pa & Co, Stockholm
  6. Veranda at Bad Schorgau, South Tyrol
  7. The Apollo, Sydney
  8. Zum Schwarzen Kameel, Vienna
  9. Tawlet, Beirut
  10. Kronenhalle, Zurich

*To check out The Apollo follow the link here

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