France asks for Greek help over terrorist threat



France has asked Greece for key intelligence support relating to migrant traffic flows into Europe, in the effort to prevent further terror attacks on its soil.

According to reports, French judicial authorities have asked their counterparts in Greece for data relating to refugee and illegal immigrant travel through Greece for the last 12 months.

France hopes to track down suspected jihadis who might have entered Europe by exploiting migrant crisis.

Thousands of refugees and migrants landing in Greece would’ve had to first register their papers and identity with local authorities before travelling on.

For this reason, French authorities hope to access the databases containing personal data of hundreds of thousands of names of migrants and refugees in case they also find ISIS members suspected of the Paris attacks last November.

As Greek City Times previously published (see below), Europol’s latest report on terrorists attacks in Europe, found that France had suffered 73 attacks, and made 424 arrests of which 377 were Jihadi/ISIS related.

GCT Team

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