Greece and Bulgaria aim for closer ties

Greece and Bulgaria aim for closer ties 1


Greek PM Alexis Tsipras visited Bulgaria in an effort to establish closer ties with both countries signing a series of bilateral agreements yesterday during the Greek-Bulgarian High-Level Cooperation Council.

These agreements include a Joint Declaration of the 3rd Greek-Bulgarian High-Level Cooperation Council meeting, a Joint Declaration on energy cooperation, an Executive Programme for Educational and Cultural Cooperation in 2016-2018, and a Joint Action Programme for Tourism in 2016-2018.

Both the Greek PM and his Bulgarian counterpart emphasised the need for projects in many sectors including energy, tourism and transport, with particular mention to the rail link between the ports of Burgas and Alexandroupolis, and the links through the TransAdriatic Pipeline (TAP) and IGB pipeline, the LNG station in Alexandroupolis.

In joint statements both leaders emphasised the important stabilising role both their countries can play in the region and noted their agreement for deeper cooperation within the EU and NATO in order to strengthen this role and to ensure security, stability, peace and growth in the region.

“Looking at recent developments in our neighbourhood, one sees that the need for cooperation is more urgent than ever. Our cooperation will help so that we stay out of this crisis.

‘’The Greek and Bulgarian people had the wisdom to overcome any past differences and forge a relationship that was very constructive and mutually beneficial for both sides and for the region,’’ commented the Greek Prime Minister.

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