Greek athletes shocked by conditions at Rio Olympic Village

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It seems it is not just the Australian Olympic Games delegation that has had problems with their accommodation arrangements at the Olympic village as new complaints have emerged from Greek athletes.

Greek athletes have been forced to move to another floor due to flooding in their original quarters describing the conditions as terrible, once again confirming international media reports about Brazil’s poor preparations.

According to Isidoros Kouvelos, head of Greece’s delegation that plumping was out of order with water running in athlete’s quarters, missing bathroom mirrors and other basics.

“That’s nothing compared to what other missions are suffering, such as the Japanese, which had to deal with a gas leak. Every morning in the meeting of the mission chiefs many complaints are heard and the hosts simply assure us that the problems will be solved.

“What we have come up against is unprecedented, and of course we never faced anything like it at London or Beijing, and certainly not in Athens. Work has been abandoned at the Village because the workers have not been paid and some of them have even made off with some of the materials,” he added.

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