Greece warns EU on Turkey and refugee crisis

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The recent spike in arrivals of illegal immigrants and refugees from Turkey into Greece, have caused alarm to Greek authorities, since it appears that the EU agreement with Turkey seems to be faltering and on the brink of falling apart, after the later does not appear to be fulfilling its obligations and even threatened to pull out.

This threat by Turkey has prompted the Greek government to issue a warning to the European Union, urging for a plan B to be developed in the event that Turkey aborts the agreement.

In a recent interview with German media, Alternate Minister of Migration Policy Yannis Mouzalas argued that Athens is "extremely concerned" over the prospect of the agreement falling apart.

Mouzalas called for solidarity and greater determination from the other EU member-states in the implementation of decisions to accept refugees, insisting for their proportional re-distribution amongst all EU member-states rather than Greece carrying most of the burden.

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