Anger as Germany deports 3000 illegal immigrants to Crete

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The island of Crete is brimming with anger and frustration at a recent EU decision approving the transfer of 3000 illegal immigrants from Germany to Crete.

The decision which will see the transfer take place this December, was approved under the EU Dublin 3 regulation, allowing for a EU member state to deport to another consenting member state, any number of refugees and immigrants exceeding its approved quota.

Cretans are outraged at the decision fearing their island will be turned into another ‘Lesvos’ with grave consequences for the local tourist industry.

The 3,000 refugees and immigrants Germany will be sending to Greece will end up in the two largest cities of Crete, namely Chania and Iraklio which are major tourist destinations.

Government approval of the German decision was announced in Iraklio, Crete by the Greek Minister for Immigration Gianni Mouzalas.

According to opposition party New Democracy the 3,000 immigrants are just the beginning, claiming a total of 5,000 are expected to be transferred to the island.

It is estimated by current data, that the refugee crisis in whole has placed Greece under enormous financial strain, to the tune of more than 2 billion euros.

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  1. Screw tnis, maybe its time to get out of Euro &form a union with other like thinking countries ?

  2. this is ridiculous adding insult to injury to Greece. we are already booked again for our holiday to Crete next year but perhaps not if this decision had been made earlier. we always felt very safe over the last 11 years on Crete since we are two women only but now I feel unsure. such a pity as we have many many Greek friends on Crete. So sad to hear this gross travesty to the people of Crete.