Cheap flights to Athens as Scoot launches amazing fares

Cheap flights to Athens as Scoot launches amazing fares 1

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The cost of flying to Greece just got a whole lot cheaper with Singaporean Airlines low-cost carrier division Scoot, yesterday announcing new one-way fares to Athens starting at $S288 from Singapore and as low as $A369 from Australia.

Regular flights between Singapore and Athens begin next year, bringing Scoot in direct competition with full-service Gulf carriers such as Emirates, Qatar and Etihad.

In a bid to attract budget-conscious travellers to popular long-haul routes such as Athens- Scoot will start four times weekly services between Singapore and Athens from June 20 next year using its 329-seat Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners.

The fuel efficient planes come with 18 “ScootBiz” (business class) seats with a 38-inch seat pitch and economy seats with pitches ranging from a tight 30 inches to a more comfortable – but pricier – 34 inches.

Economy travellers can choose a low, basic fare that sees them pay extra for services such as checked baggage, entertainment or food or opt for more expensive fares that include baggage or baggage and food.

Those wanting to keep themselves entertained on the long-haul flight can also opt for ScootTV streaming, which allows passengers to access a range of movies and TV shows to their own devices.

Price-wise, Singaporeans are looking at tax-inclusive launch fares ranging from $S288 one-way for a no-extras FLY fare to $S888 for ScootBiz.

For Australians, one-way tax-inclusive fares from Perth to Athens start at $A369 for the basic option with FlyBag starting at $A461, FlyBagEat at $A526 and Scootbiz at $A1099. Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast FLY fares are available from $A419 one way, while FlyBag starts at $A513, FlyBagEat at  $A578  and ScootBiz at $A1199.

Scoot is also offering a 10 per cent discount promotion until August 31.

The services will operate Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, leaving Singapore at 2am and arriving in Athens at 8.30am. Flights from Athens will leave at noon and arrive in Singapore at 4.25am.


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  1. Hello we are interested in these return airfares to athens for 2017

    Could you please let me know how to book? how much per person including taxes ex australia either brisbane/sydney/gold coast ?

    Appreciate this

    Soula Tsoumbaras