A little taste of the Aegean in NYC

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You can easily mistaken yourself for being on a Cycladic island when walking past Souvlaki GR eateries on the Lower East Side and Midtown of Manhattan.

Fresh white walls, cobblestone sidewalks and doors painted a Grecian blue give you a sense that a little piece of the Aegean has hit the heart of New York.

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Souvlaki GR was born, first as a food truck, roaming the streets of Manhattan and serving up traditional Greek street food. It quickly became popular amongst Greek New Yorkers and non- Greeks alike.

The family owned business then expanded by launching two restaurants, which literally have you feeling like you are strolling through a small side street of Mykonos, as soon as you enter the doors.

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What is even better is the traditional dishes that are flavoursome, authentic and simple- including Avgolemono (egg chicken soup), Kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters), Horiatiki (Greek salad) and Tiganites patates (hand cut fries) with Feta and oregano.

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Some of the most popular dishes also include Loukaniko (sausage), Befteki Gemisto (stuffed meatballs), Pipperies Gemistes (stuffed peppers), Souvlaki Pita and who can resist the delicious Loukoumades (honey donuts)- just to end your experience on a sweet note.

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Oh and they also make luscious Lychee Martini’s and other mouthwatering drinks behind their ultra- Myconian style bar, so definitely have a look at the cocktail menu!

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However, if it’s a quick bite that you are after, Souvlaki GR’s Truck can be found near Wall Street and Midtown all week and serves tasty souvlaki, fries and salads on the run.



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