Greek sweet makes it into Guinness World Records

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A northern Greek sweet known as ‘carioca’ has made it into the Guinness World Records thanks to the efforts of a group of local confectioners and patisseries from Xanthi who created the world’s largest version of the bitter-sweet flavoured chocolate treat.

“The largest Greek carioca cake is 383 kg (844 lb 5.92 oz) and was achieved by Xanthi Chamber of Commerce and a team of local confectioners and patisseries (all Greece), in Xanthi, Greece, on 30 March 2016″, according to the Guinness World Records official website.

The extraordinary culinary feat took place during the 2nd Panhellenic General Exhibition of Xanthi, organized by the Xanthi Chamber of Commerce and held under the auspices of the Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, which opened on March 30th.

A dedicated team of more than twenty people from a range of local businesses worked together to create the world’s largest ‘carioca’. They include:  Traditional Confectionery Byzantine, Kati Allo Patisserie, Papaparaskeva Patisserie, Roidos Patisserie, Malliaroudaki Marianthi, Amperiades Oven, Nikos Patisserie, To Siropi Patisserie, Fresh Co Patisserie, Patisserie Glykopoleio and Sefam Patisserie

It must be noted that the ‘carioca’ is a regional treat that has dominated the local dessert scene for over 80 years and by all accounts after this world record, as a sweet future ahead of it!

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