Delos- Ancient theatre to Stage first play in 2,000 years

Delos- Ancient theatre to Stage first play in 2,000 years 1

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The ancient theatre on the islands on Delos, which dates back to the 3rd century B.C. will come alive on Friday and Saturday this week- after about 2,000 years, with a much anticipated performance of ‘Ekavi, A Refugee on Delos.’

The event organised by the Cyclades Antiquities Ephorate and the Municipality of Mykonos, aims to raise awareness about the tragedy of refugees in the waters of the Aegean. It is directed by Nikos Karageorgos and Despina Bebedeli is in the lead role.

In the ancient times the theatre was known to host major celebrations with the participation of artists from all over Greece. Delos was also a holy sanctuary and the mythical birthplace of twin gods Apollo and Artemis and once hosted the large celebrations, feasts and events, including the games of independent Delos.

As the ancient theatre can not host large nymbers, the play will be performed in front of a small audience that must strictly follow the instructions of the Ephorate’s staff.

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