The Duke in Greece for meet and greet

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Michael Dukakis, the Greek who almost became President of the USA back in 1988 when he ran as the Democrat’s candidate, is in Greece to meet with the country’s political and business leadership.

Dukakis has been formally invited as a guest speaker by the Delphi Economic Forum and will deliver a speech during a closed lunch at the Grande Bretagne Hotel.

"It is a great honour that Dukakis accepted our invitation to visit Greece. Dukakis, with great career and vast political experience, expressed in the best way the dynamism of the Greek diaspora which over time supports the country's interests abroad,’’ said Yiannis Thomatos, President of the Economic Forum of Delphi.

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Members of the Economic Forum Delphi and important representatives of the political and business world will participate in the forum. Dukakis is expected to express his views on Greece's recovery efforts and the problems in the international balance of power and the presidential election in the US.

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