EU checks Greek progress before giving another 2.8 billion in aid

Eurogroup Fotor

Eurogroup Fotor

The Eurogroup will be meeting this Friday in Bratislava to review Greece’s progress in implementing measures as part of their reform package before further bailout funds are released.

Greece is due to receive another 2.8 billion euros from the 10.3 billion euro tranche of loans linked to successful conclusion of the first review. The remaining 7.5 billion euros was disbursed on June 21.

The meeting will be attended by Eurozone finance ministers and will be briefed by representatives of the institutions representing Greece’s creditors and Greek authorities on the implementation of intermediate targets and progress in paying off the state’s overdue debts.

The agenda reflects the Eurogroup statements about Greece on May 25, which linked the disbursement of a second tranche of loans after the summer to milestones such as privatisations, management of the banks, the General Secretary of Public Revenues and the energy sector, as well as progress in paying the Greek state’s overdue debts.

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