Greek Salad breaks Guinness World Record

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After 20 tonnes of fresh ingredients and 1000 volunteers a Greek salad tossed up in the Red Square Moscow is the newest entrant to the Guinness Book of Records.

As reported by Greece City Times four weeks ago, the initiative, launched by Greek company Mouzenidis Travel was to create the world’s largest salad in an effort to promote Greece.


Under the watchful eye of Guinness Book of Records’ Pravin Patel, responsible for overseeing the process and result, the team of Mouzenidis Travel successfully completed the creation of the world’s largest Greek salad, which included seven tonnes of tomatoes, seven tonnes of cucumber, two tonnes of Greek olives, 2.5 tonnes of feta cheese, half a ton of extra virgin Greek olive oil, one ton of onion, 80 kilos of salt and 50 kilos of oregano.

“We wanted in a special way to mark the end of the Greece – Russia Crossyear events and succeeded,” said Mouzenidis Travel Director Alexander Tsantekidis.

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