The mayor of Lesvos has made a desperate plea to the Greek government, asking for relief and support over the migrant crisis, which has heavily strained resources on the island and relations both inside and outside the migrant camps.

In an urgent letter to the Alternate Minister for Migration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas on Tuesday, the mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galinos asked the Government to transfer of a large number of refugees and migrants from the island to mainland Greece, warning that conditions in the centres are “particularly worrying and dangerous”.

“We were witnesses to extensive fights inside the first reception centre in Moria, with dozens of injured [migrants] and images that were broadcasted by many media, which are unfair considering the burden we’ve been called to carry all this time,” said the mayor, Spyros Galinos

Galinos also reiterated the concerns and fears the local community have over the strain on resources and infrastructure caused by the increasing number of refugees and migrants on the island.

GCT Team

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