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Adam Hudson is a serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million dollar companies in both Australia and the United States. In 2005 Adam co-founded one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world, which went on to raise in excess of $100 million dollars for start-ups and early stage businesses. He currently owns a cloud software business, the number one Amazon review company, a homewares company that sells it’s products exclusively through Amazon into eight countries, and Reliable Education. None of his companies have outside investors and all are profitable.

For many Greeks, the idea of earning money on the internet is a dream come true, but how exactly does one go about it? We sat down with Adam- the serial entrepreneur who is part of the “digital nomad” community – a group of people who earn their living on the internet and travel as they go, to let us know how this can be achieved. The interview took place in Los Angeles just before Adam took off for 10 days in Tulum Mexico.

What is your background and how did you come to selling products on the internet?

I have owned dozens of different businesses over a 20-year period. I haven’t had a job since I was 20. My last traditional business was an animation company in Hollywood California but I sold that in 2015 to focus on my online business.

What is your main business focus now and how can you travel and make money as you go?

Four years ago I discovered that anyone can start their own business selling products on in America – even if they don’t live in the US. That really hit me as a big opportunity because Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world doing more than $300M dollars a day in sales. What really caught my attention though is that Amazon would not only allow you to sell your products on their website but they would also warehouse and ship your products as well. This was extremely appealing to me because it meant I could be anywhere, even Greece, and my products could be selling in America 24/7 without me having to run a website, find customers or ship any products. It was a very exciting idea.


You’re Australian. Were you living in Australia when you started selling products on Amazon in America?

No. I was living in America but I have many friends all over the world who live in countries including Bali, England, Germany, South Africa and of course Australia who all make money on Amazon in the US without ever going there. I have several friends that are perpetual travellers and earn their money on Amazon from wherever they are.

So Greeks could do this too?


So what kinds of products can people sell on Amazon and where do you source them?

There are more than 200 million different products for sale on Amazon. They sell almost anything. What I recommend people do is start their own brand and then buy products from low cost countries like China and then have the products branded as their own. It’s a method called “private labelling”. This way only you are selling that product and nobody is competing with you on Amazon with the exact same product. You can use websites like to find suppliers that will sell to you at wholesales prices and then you simply have them sent directly to Amazon’s warehouses and then when a sale is made Amazon sends the product out and you get paid every two weeks in USD.

Amazon is in other countries too. Why do you recommend only Amazon in America?

I actually sell on Amazon in America, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the UK but I started on Amazon USA because it’s the biggest market by far. Once you get established in the US it’s very easy to expand into the other markets.

I notice that product reviews are a big thing on Amazon. How do they work in relation to building a successful products business on Amazon?

Product reviews are a big part of why Amazon is trusted by consumers. Basically any customer can write a review of any product they’ve purchased and those reviews are public so anyone can see them. Companies who make bad products don’t last long on Amazon because nobody buys products with bad reviews. It is for this reason that I teach people to fin quality products and quality suppliers.

How can people learn more about selling on Amazon?

I offer a free online course at   Right now I have students in 8 countries around the world, all of them building businesses on Amazon. It’s a really exciting time.

Thanks Adam! Have fun in Mexico!

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