Greek-Australian Melina Mallos is a bilingual children’s author and children’s cultural educator. She has just published a unique workbook for children, bringing some fun and travel to the process of learning Greek as a second language.

“Growing up, my family travelled to Greece regularly to see my Yiayia and reconnect with Kythera, where my ancestral roots are.  I love travelling to Greece and hope all kids with Greek heritage also have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country during their lifetime,” says Melina.

Born and raised in Greece until the age of 6, Melina is a high profile blogger and commentator on the subject of childhood intercultural understanding and appreciation for a number of years. She published her first bilingual children’s picture book in 2015, titled Catch that Cat!


“With a background in early childhood education, I love working with children – their energy, enthusiasm and passion for learning is infectious. I also love a good story.  Greece itself is a fascinating character for my writing,” she adds.

“Having published my bilingual edition of Catch that Cat! and the response I received from the Greek community afterwards, I discovered that there is a real need for quality and engaging stories for parents to read to their kids to help them feel proud of their Greek heritage. I also have a free downloadable kids activities”

Her brand new book is a colourful workbook with an interesting narrative in English, and Greek keywords to practice and learn. Titled Trip to Greece, each page offers multiple fun opportunities for children to hear, speak, read and write Greek- activities vary on the child’s age and language ability.


“Through my writing, I hope to inspire kids to form their own personal connections to Greece – and not have distance as a barrier.  My latest book, Trip to Greece is packed with fun activities that young children can complete with their family members while travelling on the plane, during their summer holiday, or even at home in anticipation of travelling to Greece,” she says.

Melina is a passionate writer, researcher and teacher with over 15 years’ experience working as a child educator in art museums in Australia.  She is also a frequent presenter at conferences, schools, libraries and community events. Her work has been featured in international journals, television and on the radio. In 2010, she was awarded a prestigious Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowship to research early learning programs in Washington D.C.

“I am also available for book readings in stores, libraries, festivals and events and also develop unique family fun workshops.  I even coach adults aspiring to write their own story for their children through my video course, ‘Writing for Children with Melina Mallos’”

*Melina has also become a regular contributor for Greek City Times. 

*To read more about Melina and to purchase her books head over to

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