Greek classes to remain at Northcote High

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Greek classes will now remain at Northcote High School in Melbourne, following their initial decision to drop Greek and Italian language classes from their curriculum in 2017 had outraged the Greek and Italian community of Melbourne and Victoria.

Community representatives and parents from both Greek and Italian backgrounds campaigned and protested as they had not been consulted before the decision was finalised.

The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria recently met with politicians and ministers at both federal and state level, and there will now be no changes for the present. The languages program at Northcote High School will continue offering Year 7 students a choice of four languages- including Greek and Italian.

In their monthly Newsletter Northcote’s Principal Kate Morris states:

“Northcote High School Council recently met to discuss the school’s Languages Program in the context of the school’s broader teaching and learning program. As previously advised, the Languages Program will continue in its current format in 2017, offering students beginning  Year 7 a choice of four languages.”

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