Spetses Mini Marathon 2016

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screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12_fotorThe “Spetses mini Marathon-Cross Spetses Channel Swimming Competition” is a mass sporting event being held between October 7 – 9 on this amazing island boasting a long naval tradition and rich history.

The event is in its 5th year and has received many distinctions in Social Media Awards, Tourism Awards and European Business Awards, and will attract the best athletes along with 5,000-7,000 participants and 12,000 visitors in total for one more year this weekend.


Greece’s Olympic bronze medal winners in sailing, Mantis and Kagialis along with famous American actress Bo Derek are participating this year.


Each course and event is chosen and planned in order to highlight the natural and architectural beauty, as well as the rich culture of Spetses:


– 5K – Running

– 10K – Running

– 25K – Running

– 3000m. (Kosta-Spetses) – Swimming

– 5000m. (Spetses-Kosta-Spetses) – Swimming

– Kids’ 0-  5 years 500m – Running

– Kids’ A’, B’, C’ Elementary Classes 500m – Running

– Kids’ D’, E’, F’ Elementary Classes 1000m – Running

– Kids’ 8-12 years (Elementary) 150m – Swimming

– Kids’ 12-15 years (High School) 300m – Swimming


Other events include:

– Spetsiot Treats: A feast -free for all participants- with local pies and other delicacies served with ouzo and tsipouro, lovingly prepared by the women of Spetses.

– Free-for-All MELISSA Pasta Night.


GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.