LiLo opening nightclub in Athens tomorrow night

LiLo opening nightclub in Athens tomorrow night 1


America’s Mean Girls star and Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan (LiLo) announced via her Instagram page yesterday that she will be opening a new nightclub in Athens.

The 30-year-old, who is known just as much for her “party girl” lifestyle also uploaded a poster advertising the opening night of Lohan Nightclub, and wrote:

“#ATHENS #work and take time before & after to #giveback #this is #businessonly (Iera odos 30-32, Gazi, Athens, Greece) contact Panagiotis Spentzos.”


A post on the venue’s website says, “Enjoy top quality sound from the best resident DJs! Let us take you to the stars!”

It is reported she’s a part-owner of the new nightclub in Gazi, (and her name’s above the door) with her friend Dennis Papageorgiou- a Greek restaurateur.

An insider claims the club’s decor is “abandoned factory chic with baroque detailing,” and includes a standard VIP area, and also a completely secluded VVIP area- for the very, very important people who visit the club!

Lohan will be making 3-4 appearances a month at the club, highlighting her love for Greece and Greek lifestyle.

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