Muslim refugee builds shrine to Panagia as a thank you to Greece

Muslim refugee builds shrine to Panagia as a thank you to Greece 1


A Muslim refugee named Ahmet, who received warm hospitality from Greece to stay in Thermopylae, has built a shrine to Panagia in the centre of the village, as a thank you to the Greek people for their help.

When interviewed by tvStar.gr, Ahmet teared up and asked for people to also pray at this shrine that the war in his homeland will come to an end.


Ahmet, along with two youngsters took one day to build this, with the young ones gathering pebbles and taking them to Ahmet to build. “We all have one God and it doesn’t matter if we are Christian, Jewish or Muslim- we all have one God,” he says.

“We came here to escape war and we thank you for your warm hospitality, I cannot say enough about the Greek people and the way they have treated us so well.  There were 25 of us who left my country on a boat and only 5 of us made it here,” he said.

  1. This needs to make the main news…in difficult times for all we need to find ways to unite not divide! Spirituality is one very important and often undeveloped trait we need to expand on for our mental health (surviving trauma as this man did, and hope for the future), and physical well being.
    Thank you.