Boutaris Honoured for world recognition of Santorini Wine

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Yiannis Boutaris, the current mayor of Thessaloniki, on Friday was honoured for his role in the commercial development of the wines of Santorini worldwide and for his total contribution to the wine industry.

Mr Boutaris was honored by Thira Mayor Nikolaos Zorzos and the chairman of the National Organisation of Vine and Wine of Greece, Yiannis Vogiatzis, during the 1st International Wine Tourism Congress that recently took place on Santorini. Mayor Boutaris was the honorary president of the conference.


The Boutari Santorini winery was the first winery on the island to open its doors to the public, back in 1989.

“Winemaker Boutaris has played a leading role in the viticulture development of the island and commercial development of Santorini wines worldwide”, an announcement by the Municipality of Thira said.

Boutari Santorini wines are focused on Santorini’s indigenous white grape varieties Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri and the red Aegean variety of Mandilaria.

The Boutari Santorini winery is one of the high prized estates of the Boutari family.

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