Greece Continues Climb in FIFA rankings

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Greece climbed in the FIFA World rankings for the second consecutive month, moving up to 42nd from 48th. The new rankings are for the month of October and take into account Greece’s two qualifiers against Cyprus and Estonia.

The FIFA Rankings were released for the month of October with Greece sitting in 42nd. For a second consecutive month, Greece increased in the rankings moving from 52nd to 48th in September and 48th to 42nd in October. This month’s rankings took into account Greece’s wins in World Cup Qualifying against Cyprus and Estonia. Greece’s next qualifier is scheduled for November 13th against Bosnia. They will also host Belarus in a friendly four days before their crucial matchup against the Bosnians.

As far as Greece’s other opponents in Group H of World Cup Qualifying, Belgium sits in 4th (dropped 2 places), Bosnia in 28th (dropped 5 places), Estonia 119th (climbed 11 places), Cyprus 139th (dropped 50 places), and Gibraltar remained 205th. The top five (in order) consists of Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, and Colombia.

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