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This Sunday the 13th of November marks European Day of Wine Tourism and Greece, along with neighbouring countries are participating in what will be every wine connoisseur's dream.

The biggest events taking place in Greece this year are based around the wineries along the wine roads of Northern Greece. The event allows visitors to tour the vineyards and taste older vintages, as well as new ones collected in 2016- all for free.

Wine lovers will have the chance to join the Wine Producers of Northern Greece in festivities marking this day in Greece with the country’s cellars and vineyards open for everyone to sip away to their hearts content.


Launched in 2009 and held on the second Sunday in November, European Day of Wine Tourism aims to showcase European wine territories with a series of events organised by cities or towns in efforts to promote their territory and stimulate wine tourism.

Participating wineries are members of the European Network of Wine Cities (RECEVIN).

Admission is free and other participants around Greece include Vineyards of Attica, Wines of the Peloponnese, Aegean Islands Wines and Wines of Crete.

*For more information head to- newwinesofgreece.com/home/

*For any further information regarding the Northern Greek wineries-winesofnorthgreece.gr

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