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Souv Like


There are a large variety of eateries available to Torontonians that need to satisfy their Greek food cravings. Some of these restaurants include, the longstanding Mr Greek, Tzatziki, Messini, Astoria, Mezes, Pantheon, and the list goes on and on.

One eatery that has carved its way to the forefront of the minds of Greek food lovers alike is Souv Like.  A small but mighty shop, customers of Souv Like calling it a “hidden gem” a “must try” and one is also known to customers for its great customer service.

Souv Like is conveniently located directly across the street from the busy Pape subway station in downtown Toronto and specialises in quick and delicious takeaway Greek cuisine.

Souv Like

The eatery opened in August of 2014 and has successfully made its mark in the downtown Greek food scene in just over two short years. Open until 1 am on weeknights, and 5 am Fridays and Saturdays, Souv Like is all about customer satisfaction.

From their delicious kontosouvli to their delicious Greek fries with Feta, Souv Like offers a unique and authentic Greek souvlaki experience.  One of their most popular menu items is the gyro wraps offered in chicken, lamb and pork. The Greek word “γύρος” literally means turn, which is fitting, seeing as the meat is cooked on vertical rotisseries.

A delicious crispy grilled pita is loaded with succulent meat cooked to perfection and topped with your choice of onions, tomatoes and French fries. Let’s not forget the secret gyro sauce and the customary tzatziki spread. Finally, their special ingredient, paprika is sprinkled on the gyro as the final touch before it’s ready to be served.


Souv Like’s menu is short and straightforward, which is primarily why customers enjoy the shop so much. Their menu is clear, concise and, most importantly- tasty!

As a regular customer of Souv Like I can speak to the consistent taste and excellent quality of their food and service.

Greeks are passionate about food and culture, and Souv Like embodies both. The next time you’re in Toronto’s Greek town, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the big thumbs up and get your gyro and Greek fries with a warm smile.

If it’s a lazy Sunday or been a long day at work, don’t worry because Souv Like also delivers! For more information on must-try food items, give them a like on Facebook @Souv Like , a ring at (647) 349-9420 or pay them a visit at 708 Pape Ave, Toronto, Canada.

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