Sweet Greek Life- ideal for Christmas

Sweet Greek Life is the second book by Kathy Tsaples
Sweet Greek Life is the second book by Kathy Tsaples
Sweet Greek Life is the second book by Kathy Tsaples

Sweet Greek Life is the second book by Kathy Tsaples, who is the owner of Sweet Greek – a popular specialty store in Melbourne offering amazing Hellenic cuisine- including cakes, pastries, pies, tarts and more.

After her first best-selling Sweet Greek book, Kathy’s latest edition is full of Greek inspired recipes that are sure to become loved dishes amongst your family and friends. Not only is it beautifully presented, the book features a collection of 116 carefully selected recipes that have a modern twist.

“It took me two years to collect the material for this book and the recipes are very special. There are traditional flavours here but I also gave myself permission to interpret things the way I wanted to and whether it be from ingredients I use, to the way I decorate them- I have given it a different touch to the first one,” says Kathy.

Born in Melbourne, she grew up learning to cook traditional Greek cuisine from her mother, using recipes that have been passed down from generations. Her food is richly filled with both Hellenic culture and spirit, “I learnt to cook instinctively through my family and these dishes evoke memories that are dear to my heart."

Sweet Greek Potato Salad
Sweet Greek Potato Salad

“I’ve made the recipes easy for people to follow and what I have picked have purpose and a meaning. I wanted to choose recipes that will be left behind. I want the younger people to continue cooking Greek, I really hope it doesn’t stop with my generation,” Kathy says.

From Feta Loukoumades with Honey to Wood-Fired Goat – each page looks stunning- making it an ideal gift just in time for Christmas and you can now order your copy online from Homer Street- Australia’s leading online store featuring unique Greek food and gifts.

Kathy with Homer Street's Gina Lionatos

“Kathy's warmth radiates throughout these books and I believe that's whySweet Greek and Sweet Greek Lifeare among our best-sellers at Homer St. The books are filled with sumptuous Greek recipes that are surprisingly easy to follow. Plus, they are brimming with heart-warming stories and world-class food photography which makes them a perfect gift for cooks of all levels and lovers of Greek food and culture,” says Homer Street owner Gina Lionatos.

Make sure to keep a copy for yourself and when entertaining over the festive season, for dessert Kathy suggests to try her delicious Trifle, and Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Masticha Chios and Honey and for savoury, you can't go past her irresistible goat dish and signature Greek potato salad.

“They are some of my favourites in the book- but the best part is sitting around a table and enjoying these dishes with your family,” says Kathy.

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