Racist, anti-Greek comedy event held in Toronto


By Department of Communications Macedonian League

A racist and anti-Hellenic symbol, designed to evoke hatred and anger towards Hellenes and the Greek state was recently on public display in Toronto.

A racist and extremist anti-Hellenic event, exported to Canada from the ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) – the propaganda capital of world – and disguised under the auspices of a comedy theatre show, took place in Toronto, Ontario on Friday, October 14 and Saturday October 15, 2016.

As seen in the images below, comedian Marjanco Gjorgievski wore an offensive and racist t-shirt with a Swastika in the Greek flag and the words ‘Fuck Greece’ emblazoned below the flag. Other actors involved in this anti-Hellenic event were Aleksandar Dimitrovski (skit author), Nikola Trgacevski, Valentina Kozovski, Katerina Petrovska and Dimitar Mihajlovski.

According to print and online advertisements and the subsequent report of this event in Toronto’s Macedonia Newspaper and its Facebook page, this comedy group, known as “Solza e Smea,” arrived in Canada at the invitation of well-known Balkan event organisers Sojna and Srdjan Serge Miric of Ezero Events in Toronto.

These events were held at Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga, Ontario and at the St. Clement of Ohrid ‘Macedonian’ Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario.

Unfortunately the events proliferated, with additional shows held in the United States of America in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan aand New Jersey from October 21 to October 29, 2016, spreading anti-Hellenism beyond the borders of Canada. According to the video posted on comedian Marjanco Gjorgievski’s personal Facebook page, the offensive t-shirt was also worn in Michigan and in New Jersey.

The Macedonian League, the global Greek community and peace-loving people around the world condemn this racist, anti-Hellenic act and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s ongoing discriminatory campaign of prejudice against Greece. This incident is part of an ongoing campaign of racism and prejudice, evidenced by the same flag (pictured below), appearing in Skopje, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as early as 2008 causing outrage in Greece and the European Union.


The severity of hate symbols, such as the swastika on the Greek flag, cannot be underestimated. They are powerful communication tools conveying racism and anti-Hellenism in an immediately recognizable form.

According to National Security Expert, Marcus A. Templar,  “the contempt Greeks have for fascism, who took on Nazi Germany and the entire Axis resistance in WW2, is immeasurable. Greeks displayed selfless acts of heroism in protecting Jewish communities throughout the country (and beyond), killing German collaborators following the liberation of Greece. The replacement of the cross, a symbol of love with the swastika, a symbol representing the slaughter of millions of people, constitutes a racist and anti-Hellenic hate crime, warranting serious investigation.”

This hate crime committed in Toronto, combined with the misappropriation of the Hellenic history of Macedonia, demonstrates FYROM’s continued provocative and racist behaviour that fuels their domestic nationalism, creating regional instability and unpredictable conditions for the world!

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  1. Dear Greek City Times, given that this could well be considered hate preaching could you please tell us whether you can bring it up with Canadian authorities?! Reporting this is not enough!