Relief measures and upgrades promised for Greek island communities

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The Greek government has pledged to support the often neglected island communities in real terms, promising to upgrade infrastructure, redesign coastal shipping, enhance transportation, support agriculture and local production, and boost local entrepreneurship in efforts to improve the standard of living.

The announcement was made by the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras during a visit to the remote island of Nisyros where he also pledged relief measures particularly for those Greek islands affected by the refugee flows from neighbouring Turkey.

Tsipas added that other areas to be considered by the government will be education and health with the recruitment of additional staff, as well as the creation of sports facilities on the islands.

With regards to tourism, Tsipras announced the creation of coastal parks as well as the promotion of thermal springs and religious tourism. He added that additional staff would be hired to man archaeological sites all year round. The Greek PM also referred to EU funding programs aimed at boosting local entrepreneurship, ensuring liquidity to small- and medium-sized enterprises, financing environmental protection activities, harbor works and basic infrastructure, drought response projects, as well as plans to offer remote island communities free or subsidized Internet access.

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