Top 6 things to do in Athens during Christmas

Top 6 things to do in Athens during Christmas 1


You can easily get into the Christmas spirit in Athens following these suggestions of magic!

“The Christmas Factory” at Technopolis!

Once you pass this Christmassy gate you may start believing in miracles again! The Christmas Factory welcomes you with its Magic Christmas Tree made from…elves, with strong and bushy branches that will grow endlessly hundreds of gifts, every day; and the Christmas Market with wooden houses which create an atmosphere that will take you directly to the Santa Claus village. Music, theater, the famous magician Sankara, the most popular children’s films, 150 artistic events and many other festive happenings take place at this fabulous location that invites you to indulge in the magic!


The Little KooK

Do you like fairytales? If so, the Little KooK is the place to be! In the center of Athens at Psirri, there is a cake shop and tea house so magical that surpasses even the most rampant childhood fantasy! You will definitely rediscover your inner child, when you cross the threshold of Little Kook, close the door behind you in the world of adults and regain some of your lost innocence. Here you can meet all those heroes of fairy tales, from Cinderella and Oliver Twist to Pinocchio, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and travel to the country of Christmas! Ask the waitresses (or rather the girls in Victorian costumes) to try any of the huge fluffy cakes with names like «Wolf, oh Wolf are you here?” or “The breath of the dragon” and you will not lose!





The Digital Planetarium, part of the Eugenides Foundation -one of the biggest and best in the world- is “dressed” with festive performances like “The Christmas Star”, “Space Storms and Northern Lights”, “In the ‘Stars’ Paths” among others. The 280-seat planetarium, with a 950-sq-metre hemispherical dome, will offer you 3D virtual trips to Christmas, to the stars, to the moon and back…


Marina Flisvou

The Christmas spirit is alive in Marina Flisvou. Are you ready to travel with it through the pages of a fairy tale? Creative workshops, great games, inspiring activities on underwater train station, Shadow Theater, music, dance, and of course the special meeting with the favorite of all, Santa Claus.



Noel is a “holiday bar” as it describes itself and a Christmas trademark! I can definitely say that everyday there is like Christmas! Noel is reminiscent of another era, where tales are starring with particularly impressive Christmas decorations! And the Christmas Oscar goes to… Noel, honoring to the fullest its name! Mind blowing cocktails under unique chandeliers and the holiday’s mood has found its place.



The Magic Train of Froli at Kifissia

For 33 days the beautiful Park of Kifissia hosts Froli, the Fairy of Wishes. There lies a magic world that consists of the Village of Chocolate and sweets, the Magic Train of Froli, that makes a fabulous journey, the Pirate ship that accepts all the children inside (The actors-pirates will offer a unique spectacle!), the home of Santa Claus, where Santa Claus and Frolakia (small elves) welcome children. In the courtyard there is a sleigh with reindeer, ready to start the journey, satisfying wishes and desires of children around the world. Educational workshops, artificial ice, the Luna Park of Recycling, the two lakes of Wishes, the Christmas Market, the Palace of Elf, the Tea House and many more surprises!


Polina Paraskevopoulou


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