Smashing Pomegranate on New Year

Smashing Pomegranate on New Year 1



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Pomegranate is an ancient red fruit, which has been the symbol of fertility, prosperity and regeneration for thousands of years in Greece and in Greek mythology.

During Christmas time in Greece you see pomegranates everywhere as most Greek households hang this rich fruit above the main entrance door of their house- some people also get the fruit blessed at Church before doing so.

A little before the clock strikes twelve- marking the advent of the New Year- it is the custom to turn off all lights and for family members to step outside their home, symbolising the old year that has passed.

The family members then step in again with their right foot first after midnight. The person who enters immediately after the first footer rolls the pomegranate holding it in their right hand and forces it against the door to smash it open.

It is said that the number of seeds that scatter around is proportional to the amount of good luck the family will receive within the upcoming year.  It is also believed that someone who gets a red spot on them by the fruit’s juice will be extremely lucky that year.

There are of course variations of this custom in different areas around Greece.

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