Unreleased video of George Michael surfaces


Footage of George Michael recording his unreleased album Trojan Souls has made its way to the internet. It is an 80-minute video, which was never officially released and shows the late George Michael arriving at an LA studio with his then partner Anselmo Feleppa.

There is no official date for the video, however it is thought to be recorded somewhere between 1992 and 1993.

Trojan Souls was a musical project singer Michael created with his childhood friend Andros Georgiou, who also films part of the newly-uncovered video. Georgiou and George, who Andros calls “Yog” grew up together. Their fathers left the same small village in Cyprus for a new life in London.  The families were close and George is godfather to two of Andros’ children.

The album was due to be released on their record label Hardback in 1993 and they also launched the label Aegan, which released Michael’s “Older” album in 1996.

However Michael stopped working on music after the death of his partner Feleppa in 1993, who he referred to as the ‘love of his life’ and afterwards wrote his hit song “Jesus to a Child” in memory of Feleppa.

A new documentary called Freedom is also set to be released in the near future, and is said to document the legal battles he had with Sony as well as his grief following the death of Feleppa.

Here is the video being shared on social media →

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  1. This is amazing footage and I truely hope that it gets released its a beautifull piece of work …..from the lovely George Michael…..

  2. this is truely an amazing and beautifull piece of work by George Michael and hope that soon it will be released …….

  3. this is an amazing piece of George michaels work iam hopeing that it will get released on to a cd and a dvd so to add to my collection of material of him …….