Greece's tourism expected to boom in 2017



Tourism in Greece is expected to increase again in 2017, according to forecasts made by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), who say the decisive factor will be an increase in spending.

Representing more than 50,000 tourism-related businesses across Greece, SETE says data of pre-booked airline seats to Greek regional airports by international tour operators (to date) reveals a 19 percent increase, or an additional 3.6 million seats, compared to last year, bringing the total to 22.4 million seats.

Germany, Britain, Italy, Russia and France account for nearly 60 percent of pre-booked seats for the year and German and UK travellers are on top of the list, followed closely by the French and Danish.

The number of seats booked by German travellers is up by 46 percent or 1.4 million seats of the 4.4 million and French holidaymakers are up by 48 percent.

SETE underlines that the estimates are indicative of the upcoming trend. The focus of the sector, however, is for the increasing number of tourists to spend more, ensuring higher revenues from tourism. Decreased spending in 2016 – despite record number of arrivals at 27 million –affected the sector’s initial estimates.

According to SETE data, Mykonos, Santorini and Zakynthos will be this year’s most popular destinations. The increase for seats to Mykonos is at 55 percent or 263,000 seats, Santorini is expected to record a 36 percent rise at 224,000 plus seats and Zakynthos a 32 percent increase, or an additional 285,000 seats.

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