Woman suing local Greek Orthodox Church after slipping on leaf



70-year-old Penelope Liakopoulos is suing a local Greek Orthodox church after she slipped on a wet leaf as she was leaving the church and fractured her wrist.

Liakopoulos claims St Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church in Springvale, Victoria should have warned her or removed the leaf.

In her statement of claim Ms Liakopoulos said she slipped on the wet plant item and fell, causing her to fracture her wrist, the Herald Sun reported.

The claim was lodged with the County Court where Liakopoulos stated “There was wet leaf on the floor of the foyer of the premises, near the entrance.”

She also claims the church had a duty of care and should have taken more responsibility for her safety.

Liakopoulos says a system should have been in place to detect hazards such as the leaf.

She also claims the traumatic fracture of her right radius and ligament damage required surgical repair that has resulted in ongoing pain, dysfunction and restricted movement.

Liakopoulos is claiming damages including the cost of her past and future medical expenses.

GCT Team

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