Athena Angel- Greek American artist taking on NY & LA

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Athena Angel is a Greek American NYC artist born and raised in Astoria, Queens. Her artwork is unique and there is a powerful and strong message behind each piece she creates. Athena recently had a successful Series Release at the Conception Art Show in Tribeca, NY. After an astounding response she has now been invited to Los Angeles to present more of her well-received and much loved paintings. 

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Athena Angel, and I am an NYC artist born and raised in Astoria, Queens. I have my Bachelors Degree in Art Education/Studio Art from CUNY Queens College. Originally, I was studying to become an Art Teacher. While teaching, I found myself thinking I can be doing so much more than being in a classroom. I can teach children and people of all ages another way – through my artwork. This idea also made me realise that I am more powerful with all my skills as my own boss. I needed to break out of the day to day routine. I followed my heart and slowly became an entrepreneur. Not only do I dabble in the art world, but I also succeed in social media marketing. I taught myself how to reach masses and engage with all types of individuals on another level through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Just recently I finally sat down and made myself a website,– it's still under construction, but I'm getting there. Attached to my website is my Lifestyle Blog, which I hope touches many lives along the way just like my artwork.

What does “Being Creative” mean to you?

Being creative means anything and everything is possible and you have to embrace it all! Simply just take what is eating at you and find a way to use it – I use all my emotions and blast it off into my artwork at all times. Think outside of the box, and do what others may have done but maybe in your own style. Give it all your own meaning.

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What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

COFFEE – I always need good coffee when I paint. Music is also a good way to set the mood tohow I paint. Sia is usually my go-to artist that I listen to, not just because I love her music but also her story. She's a beast. I also go for walks to get a creative idea in places I don't usually venture off to. If I'm stuck and I can't get myself to think creatively, I travel.

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What are you trying to communicate with your art?

GOOD VIBES ONLY. I want my artwork to speak to people on so many different levels. There is a story behind each and every piece I ever produced and will produce as my art career grows. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I want to teach people that. I want to make a difference in the way people think.

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What is your latest Project / Series about?

I'm working on a few projects right now. My strongest most recent series is #MATI – Lions and Tigers represent powerful energy. They are symbolic emblems of courage, safekeeping, sternness and strength. As humans, we naturally strive to be in the best possible state. We work hard to be where we want to be as far as status and making our dreams come alive. You will find yourself becoming a Lion or Tiger. You will obtain all their qualities just to strive for greatness. All the while, not everyone can become such prominent creatures. There will be some who look up to you, value your persistence and determination – there will be many who envy you for your power and ability to succeed. Embrace all those who uplift you, but beware of those who want you to do good yet never better than them. Stay focused – MATI.

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How was your Series Release at the Conception Art Show in Tribeca?

AMAZING! I met a wonderful soul through Conception Arts named Rachel Vossen who is one of the curators of the organisation. She guided me through the process and made everything worth while. I am thankful to have met her, because since my first show was so successful, she granted me another opportunity “on the house” to showcase my artwork in Los Angeles California on January 28- I am truly honoured and excited.

*Interview & images by Kevin Karakalpakidis (Copyright) 

Kevin Karakalpakidis


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