Farmers block border with FYROM

Farmers block border with FYROM 1


Protests by farmers which commenced more than a week ago, have seen more roadblocks with latest one forming at the border of Greece and FYROM, specifically at the Evzoni border crossing.

Other protests by farmers are planned for today, Thursday at the centre of Thessaloniki as they continue to demand that the Greek government roll back new measures that are set to increase their taxes and social insurance contributions.

The first roadblock was formed more than a week ago on the new Larisa-Kozani national road near Tyrnavos, at the Argyropouli junction, by Larisa farmers in the Melouna group for about two hours.

Aigialeia farmers also blocked the Patras-Corinth national highway near Egio last Wednesday evening, forcing traffic to use the old national road.

The protestors have warned that if the government failed to respond to their demands, however, more roadblocks a real possibility.