Hungry for good Greek food in Hungary?


On the riverbank of Danube, next to Liberty Bridge in Budapest lies a little piece of Greece “Taverna Dionysos”. Since New Year’s Eve 1993, Taverna Dionysos has delighted the dwellers of the beautiful city of Budapest with delicacies of Greek cuisine and delicious wine from Greece’s vineyards.

Upon entering through the blue door you find yourself feeling like you are on the streets of a Greek small town or island- with polished cobble stones on the floor, white washed walls, Greek decorations and the sound of Greek music.


With an open kitchen, your stomach grumbles as you are able to see the mouth watering food cooked by the chefs. The menu caters to everyone’s craving- from clay pot or oven baked dishes such as the Frikase Arni, which is a Leg of lamb fillet, cooked in creamy sauce of lettuce and dill with oven baked potatoes, to Horiatiko Bifteki which is the Greek version of a cheeseburger; stuffed with feta cheese and fresh tomatoes served with fried potatoes, fresh green salads and piquant mustard dip.


The dishes alone are enough to entice you to visit Taverna Dionysos if you are in Budapest and the atmosphere makes you feel like you have just been transported to Greece.


Hollywood celebrities are also big fans of this traditional Greek eatery, with legend actor Harris Ford paying a visit in September last year and enjoying an array of dishes and Greek wines.


Regular and loyal customer András says, “About 30 or so visits later, Dionysos Tavern is still our favourite restaurant in Budapest, and by quite a distance! The food is always delicious, whether it’s appetizers, soups, fish, meat or heavenly desserts- the raspberry cake: OMG!”

“The atmosphere is fantastic, always lots of people, but not crowded; always talking and laughter but not noisy. Definitely fun and enjoyable,” he added.

A: Budapest, Belgrád rkp. 16, 1056 Hungary

T: +36 1 318 12 22