Greece rejects Gucci’s $1million plus Acropolis Fashion Show Offer


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Italian luxury brand Gucci’s million plus dollar offer and request for permission to orchestrate a fashion show at the Acropolis has been rejected by Greece’s Central Archaeological Council.

As reported by Greek City Times on Tuesday, Gucci made a formal request to Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS), asking for permission to host and film a fashion show at the Acropolis in Athens in June this year.

“The particular cultural character of Acropolis’ monuments is inconsistent with this event, as they are unique monuments and world heritage symbols, and UNESCO’s world heritage monuments,” the Council said in a statement.

The Central Archaeological Council is the highest advisory body on all matters pertaining to the protection of ancient monuments, archaeological sites and sites of exceptional historical or legendary importance up to 1830.

According to media reports, the company was offering one million euros for the 15 minute fashion show, another 55 million euros in promotional activities and permission to film and broadcast the show internationally.

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