The fight for the Parthenon Sculptures continues



Greece’s Minister for Culture announced she will continue the fight for the restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures, during an international conference in Florence.

Koniordou was attending the TourismA 2017 conference taking place in Florence at present where there was a round table discussion on the Parthenon Sculptures, the campaigns for their return, how individuals can get involved and the practicalities of resolving the issue.

In a statement to Greek media, the minister said the claim for the return of the Parthenon Marbles can't stop and is something that every generation and every political leadership should continue to promote and support.

‘’Today, this fair request is not only Greek. It has allies in twenty international committees which participate in this common effort.

‘’The request is not Greek anymore but international because this monument is now considered, in the conscience of the international community and of the people worldwide, the symbol of the western civilisation and the emblem of the fundamental principles of democracy, dialogue, justice, free spirit and equality.

"Today that we all join our voices with solidarity before the challenges of the 21st century, the restoration of the monument gets another symbolic value. The solution is not easy and for this reason it is imperative to continue our efforts" said Koniordou.

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  1. Fight? What fight? You had the opportunity with a global stage during the U.K. Olympics. You should have held the torch. No marbles? No flame. if your passionate, you are exempt from diplomacy. Ask anyone these days. My €.02