Speeding Porsche crashes at Athens-Lamia Highway killing 4



Four people, including a 33 year old mother and her 3 year old child, were tragically killed in Greece, when the driver of a speeding Porsche crashed into their car at a rest area on the Athens-Lamia highway.

George Vakakis, 24 year old son of Greek businessman and owner of children’s toy retailer Jumbo, was killed when he lost control of the Porsche at high speed on the A1 Motorway, some 80 km (50 miles) outside of Athens.

The car uncontrollably slid across the highway smashing straight into the Honda Civic of a 41 year old father who had lawfully parked at the rest area and who at the time, was in the bathroom, while his wife and child were waiting in the car.

The force of the impact was so strong that the cars blew up in a massive ball of fire.

The tragic father is seen running out of the restroom when he hears the crash and the explosion, but was helpless.

The fourth victim of this shocking incident was the passenger of the Porsche who has yet to be identified, but who police think was probably not wearing his seatbelt, as he was thrown out of the car upon impact.

A nearby security camera captured the devastating crash on video.

*Warning the video contains images that some may find disturbing


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  1. Sad. They are blaming the old tires. I believe the guy in the porsche was drag racing and speeding. Sorry for the man that lost his entire family. If he sues jumbo and Porsche , he will become a very very wealthy man. You do not give these type of fast cars to young people cause look what happens. The father and owner of jumbo is to blame as well . Bottom line…rich or poor they all tragically lost their lives for someones stupidity. Tires should be changed twice a year. Do not give car keys to irresponsible, immature, rich, bored individuals. Give them jobs. Fancy cars should come later. Rip