Vogue names Koukaki & Makriyianni as ‘up and coming neighbourhoods to visit’

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Vogue magazine’s American Edition has named Koukaki and Makriyianni as the ‘new up-and-coming neighbourhoods' to visit in Athens.

The leading women’s fashion publication is read across the globe and renowned for revealing the latest and most stylish lifestyle trends on offer worldwide.

This is no doubt wonderful promotion for all the local Athenian museums, shops, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bars and hotels, located in the vicinity, as the article goes in to great detail on what to do, where to eat, where to shop and where to stay when visiting the chic suburbs located just below the Parthenon.

“Distractions are delightfully rampant in Athens. Wake up with plans to visit one of the city’s fine museums, like the Benaki, then, after strolling the picturesque, albeit touristy, streets of the village-like Pláka, the sight of a buzzing alfresco café inspires a shift in priorities with the promise of a silky freddo espresso. Such alluring spontaneity is especially felt in Koukaki and Makriyianni, the verdant, pedestrian-friendly adjoining neighborhoods just below the Acropolis. Despite the presence of this visitor-clogged landmark that surreally pops out in the midst of an urban landscape, and several museums, they remain remarkably hushed, inviting wandering and lingering,” says Vogue magazine.


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