Greek women take to streets to support schooling of refugee children 2

A group of local women from Oreokastro rallied on Tuesday in support of refugee children attending schools in the area after recent clashes between groups over the issue.

The peaceful protest was organised by the local women’s association and members of the People’s Committee of Oraiokastro, and also included a march through the town.

Holding banners reading “We accept refugee kids, isolate the fascists,” the demonstrators gathered outside Oreokastro Town Hall to pledge solidarity with refugee children attending schools.

Their rally was a counter-protest to the recent one from the self-styled Patriotic Union of Greek Citizens of Oreokastro who wanted to ban refugee children.

Last week a group of teachers also staged a rally in support of the refugee children under police protection following concerns of far-right groups might prevent  children from accessing their school buildings.

GCT Team

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