Greece makes cover of National Geographic

Greece makes cover of National Geographic 1

Greece makes cover of National Geographic 2

Greece is the centrepiece story in famed National Geographic Traveller magazine’s April edition titled “Greece – A Modern Classic’’.

‘’In recent years the news from Greece has been a mixed bag at best. I suppose, when you’re in the grip of an economic crisis, cheery stories can be a bit thin on the ground. But there are reasons to be upbeat – for instance, it seems that for all its resolved woes, Greece is seeing the beginnings of a creative renaissance’’ says deputy Editor Glen Mutel.

“Greece is enjoying a cultural bloom”, the story’s writer John Malathronas says, adding that from Athens to the islands, Greeks are pursuing “strange dreams” bringing out a “distinctly modern side to this ancient nation”.

The magazine highlights that despite the financial crisis Greeks have been engaged in a modern cultural renaissance, with art and innovation the major players, focusing on the booming art scenes of Athens and Thessaloniki.

‘’So many British travellers have a soft spot for Greece – and it’s gratifying to know that we’ve largely stuck by it throughout the crisis. And perhaps, beyond its traditional qualities, there’s a new, exciting reason to go Greek again.’’ adds Mutel.

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